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In October 2007, the Lebanese Ostomy Association signed a lease contract with his Excellence Reverend Mgr Antoine-Nabil Andary, General Patriarcal Vicar, of the Maronite Patriarcal Diocese, Jounieh region, entitling the foundation the use of a 12.040m2 piece of land in the Fatqa region, for the construction of an ostomy center consisting of 4 floors, on a surface area of 1900m2.

The land is located in the Fatqa region – Ftouh Keserwan – 25 km north of Beirut, on top of a hill named “Kobbe”. The site is about 2.5 km away from the seaside, with an altitude of 350m. It is a wonderful site with a panoramic sea view extending from Beirut in the South to Byblos in the North. The construction site is surrounded by forests and valleys of 250 meters depth in a radius of around one kilometer. The geographic nature of the location and the steep slopes and valleys surrounding it, make it impossible for other constructions to exist in the area, which gives our center the exclusivity of the hill, insuring the physical and psychological well being of the ostomate.

There are two roads leading to the center:

  • Casino du Liban-Adma-Fatqa.
  • Bwar-Fatqa, one kilometer away from the Bwar governmental hospital, in the direction of Fatqa.
The Lebanese Ostomy Association is very thankful to his Excellence Reverend Mgr Antoine-Nabil Andary for his generous land donation.

The Building

  • Surface area = 411m2.
  • Comprising: A 180 m2 conference hall accomodating approximately 130 persons.
  • A 70m2 Reception hall.
  • Kitchenette and toilets


  • Surface area = 411 m2
  • Comprising: Executive Committee meeting room
  • The office of the Association’s President
  • Enterostomal Therapy center
  • Waiting Hall
  • Kitchen, toilets
  • Dining room
  • Saloons


  • Surface area = 411 m2.
  • Comprising: 5 bedrooms + Bathrooms
  • Halls with balconies.


  • Surface area = 350 m2.
  • Comprising: 5 Bedrooms + Bathrooms
  • Balconies

A garden:

  • surface area = 1200 m2.

Parking designed for 100 – 200 cars.

One of the main objectives of the Association is to set up an Arab Assembly including all the Arab countries, as is the case in Europe and other continents. The center will be well equipped to receive the representative of each Arab country during the annual conference. These representatives would meet and stay in the center using the first and second floors, and thus avoiding hotels expences. 

Objectives of our center

The Lebanese Ostomy Association is the only Association for the ostomates in Lebanon and the Middle-East.

With your financial support for the construction of this center, the Association will assist ostomates not only in Lebanon but in all the Arab countries and answer any question they might have through its website: www.arabostomy.com .

Our website is available in three languages: Arabic, English and French.

Miss Carole Abboud is the only Enterostomal Therapist in Lebanon. She is a member in the World Council of Enterostomal Therapists (WCET). She represented Lebanon in conferences held in Brazil and USA presenting a poster on wound care and in Hong Kong where she had an oral presentation on Ostomy care. She has several publications in the nursing field in both local and international nursing journals.

Miss Abboud is always ready to give conferences on Ostomy and wound care in three languages; Arabic, French and English.

Our main objective behind the construction of this center is to assist the ostomates physically and psychologically and to keep them updated about new techniques and products.

If this project receives full support, we will be able to attain the level of other similar centers around the world in no more than two years.

With the creation of the Arab Assembly our representative will be able to join the Executive Committee in the Ostomate World Association. 

Project's Budget

The building surface area is 1900 m2. The walls will be covered with natural stone casing and the roof with red tiles.
The road leading to the center should be reinforced with supportive walls and covered with asphalt for a distance of 400m.
A fence should be built around the site for security measures due to wild nature of the surrounding area.
The center should be equipped with furniture, air conditioning and a generator.
Preparation of the ground for car parking.
f the Lebanese government fails to supply the center with water and electricity, the Association will have to take that task upon itself, dragging water and providing electricity from the high hills of Fatqa, about one kilometer away.

The estimated budget to accomplish this project is over one million US Dollars.