Our Mission
The Lebanese Ostomy Association (LOA) is founded in 1991 and I was the only ostomate who contributed to this foundation. It became a member of the French Ostomy Federation (FSF) and member of the European Ostomy Association (EOA) in 1992. Since 1993, LOA is an Associate member of the International Ostomy Association (IOA). Lately in August 2007, the LOA became a full member in the IOA. In August 2007, the LOA became a full member in the IOA.Lately during the 12th Congress of the European Ostomy Association EOA held in Sep. 2008 in Brno, Czech Republic, a Twinning was done between the LOA and the FSF (French Ostomy Federation). Abdo Abi Raad

The goals of our Association are:
To introduce ostomies to the Lebanese public and raise awareness to the related problems.
To secure the rights of persons with an ostomy for self-treatment and overcoming social, financial, professional and psychological problems.
To develop ostomy related scientific research and nursing techniques.
To work together with scientific, educational and healthcare institutions that are concerned in realizing the mentioned objectives.
To cooperate with national and international organizations with similar objectives.

What objectives has the Association accomplished so far?
LOA has raised the awareness of the Lebanese public about problems associated with ostomy.
LOA has helped each person with ostomy that has contacted the Association her/him by providing the following:
a. Information related to having an ostomy.
b. Healthcare services through our nurse.
c. Emotional, psychological and logistical support through the President and other LOA members.

LOA has organized during the past 15 years several conferences for nurses in a Symposium Satellite included into a surgical congress held by the Lebanese Society for General Surgery. The goals of the conferences was to bring nurses up to date on the latest development in Ostomy care.
The LOA has created a website on internet, this web is the first on the world, in Arabic language,it aims to cover Lebanon and the Arab world. As such, the information provided will be found in the three main languages utilized in the region: Arabic, French, and English.
The LOA has printed a book, aimed especially for the ostomates, for the first time in Arabic language, and it is distributed to them for free.
The Lebanese Ostomy Association has signed a contract for rent in Oct 2007 with his Excellency Reverend Mgr Antoine-Nabil Andary, who is the General Patriarchal Vicar of the Maronite, Patriarchal Diocese of Jounieh Region. His Excellency had given a land of 12.040m2 in Fatqa region, for the purpose of constructing an ostomy center with a surface of 1900m2 and consisting of 4 floors, including the administrative staff office ,the President office, a clinic, a waiting room, a kitchen, a dining room, many saloons many bedrooms, a conference room for approximately 130 persons, a garden having a surface of 1200m2 and parkings for a number of a hundred cars and which can reach a number of 200.

The land is situated in Fatqa region - Ftouh Keserwan -25 km from North Beirut, on a hill named "Kobbe". The site is distant about 2.5 km from the coast with an altitude of 350m from the sea level. It is a wonderful site with a panoramic view of the sea from South Beirut till North Byblos. It is surrounded by forests and valleys of 250 m depth in a radious of around one kilometer; due to the the very high slop of the latters that surround the hill, no constructions can be established except for our center on the top of the above mentioned, insuring the physical and psychological rest for the ostomate.

There are two leading ways to the center: Casino du Liban-Adma - Fatqa, and Bwar - Fatqa, the road above Bwar governmental hospital, one kilometer above, in direction of Fatqa.

The Lebanese Ostomy Association is very thankful to his Excellency Reverend Mgr Antoine-Nabil Andary for donating us the land without any profit in return.

As such, I call on all physicians and surgeons to collaborate with us by notifying persons with ostomy about the presence of an Association that strives to support and assist them.

The audio-visual media has played a significant role in reaching out to persons with ostomy. Since I appeared with Carole Abboud the stomatherapist on the satellite television station, I have received dozens of calls from ostomates. This has further encouraged me to provide them with support and assistance.

In fact, one spectator in Miami, USA, Mr. Mohannad Al-Sawaf, who saw the broadcast, is now thankfully aiding LOA by sponsoring the establishment of this website.

This website contains Arabic, French and English information. Accordingly, it is intended for Lebanon and the rest of the Arab world. We are always prepared to receive and respond to electronic mail.

Our deep gratitude goes to Mr. Al-Sawaf. I sincerely thank him and request God the Almighty to mind him and provide him with His grace.

Special thanks to the contribution of Coloplast and Convatec Laboratories, for our Website, and for the printing of the special book for Ostomates, Booklet for the public, and the project center booklet.

Special thanks to Mr. Jean Boutros El-Hawa Owner, and General Manager of "Hawa Chiken" Compagny for all he's Support to our Association.

My special thanks are extended to Nurse Carole Abboud, who is specialized in ostomy care, who was and remain an active member in the Association through her free consultation for ostomates and her lectures for nurses in the different Lebanese hospitals and universities. Ms. Abboud prepared much of the content of this website and remains always willing to assist ostomates and nurses.
She is a full member in the World Council of Enterostomal Therapists (WCET) and represents Lebanon internationally. She had active participation through her conferences during the congress organized by the WCET in different countries like the USA, Hong Kong and Brazil in addition to her different articles published in the WCET journal.

I would also like to thank all physicians who have helped me in establishing and managing this Association, especially the former President Dr. Michel Daher.

My only aspiration from the ostomates is to contact me and become members with the Association. The strength of LOA lies in the number of its members. If they wished to remain anonymous, they can do so.

My dream is for the Executive Committee to be composed of persons with ostomy and with God's backing, we become self-reliant.

Abdo Abi Raad, Ostomate
President of the Lebanese Ostomy Association